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How Romantic


I’ve been sitting here, still pondering Valentine’s Day and other such romanticism, when I remembered this really great site I found once upon a time. You should check it out: Cardboard Love Notes



Floor Fancies


I just found these great floor cushions on Etsy which is such a great site that everyone should know about! They’re so colorful and unique and they look really comfortable. My kids love to sit and lay on the floor so these are officially on my shopping list. Thought you might like them too! Here’s the link if you’re interested: Floor Cushions And the best part is they are upcycled. I always feel better about making purchases if I think it’s good for the environment. Like I can use that as justification for making the purchase. Am I the only one who does that?

Vintage Valentines


I was randomly browsing vintage Valentine’s Day goodies and I found some of the sweetest and funniest vintage Valentines cards. Thought you might enjoy them as much as I did.

























Locks of Love…Padlocks That Is


So, I just learned about this new incredibly sweet lover’s tradition of sorts that I understand is referred to as Love Padlocks. I first read about it on one of my favorite blogs: Design Mom. I was of course fascinated by it so I googled it and wow! It is apparently a really popular tradition that started up in the 1980s in Hungary and has since spread like crazy. The tradition from what I can tell is to personalize the lock with the lovers’ names or initials, etc; place the lock; then throw the key into the nearest body of water to signify never-ending love. It makes me want to go put a padlock on something! What about you?




Taking Risks

I wanted to quickly share something I heard last night.  I was in the hallway getting meds together and was listening to the multiple televisions playing in the patients’ rooms.  Because of that I am unaware as to what channel it was or any kind of specifics.  I did hear enough to understand that it was some type of memorial speech related to the recent loss of 2 students at a local community college.  I heard the speaker say, ” The easiest way to remember you have nothing to lose in life is to face the fact that one day you are going to die.”  He also said something I’ve heard many times in many ways, “We all want to go to Heaven, but none of us want to die to get there.”  I felt it was a reminder that we do need to try to live our lives to the fullest.  I do believe that God has given us the wisdom to take care and not be reckless.  I also believe that if we live our lives so cautiously that we never take any risks or try anything new, we have to question if we are truly living or just existing.  I pray that we all find our own way to appreciate and celebrate this blessing of life.

Art by artist Toni Frissell and available at

What am I going to do with this hair?

I was visiting this morning because I do so love to see all of the great products they have to offer.  On the front page I noticed this product and thought hmmmm.  I wonder if anyone has tried it yet and what do they think of it.

It seems like it could be very cool if is really as easy to use as they make it look.  I can see myself getting a finger caught in there or something silly like that.  What hair styling tools can you not live without?  How much do you spend on hair care products and services per year?  These are thoughts running through my head.  I recently spent more than I ever have on getting my hair colored and I think it has taumatized me.  😉

Graham Crackers

Here’s a few of links to some graham cracker recipes too.  Just in case you were to be in the Smores mood. 🙂

Graham Crackers at Smitten Kitchen

Graham Crackers at 101 Cooks

Graham Crackers at Martha Stewart

Art from and respectively.

Oooey Gooey

I have become particularly fascinated with one of the items from yesterday’s Fun Fall Activities list.  The homemade marshmallows.  The site that has the recipe is quite amazing.  You can use this link to Smitten Kitchen to check it out for yourself.   It is a beautiful site with lots of great pictures of one of the biggest loves of my life…food.  Back to the subject though, I think I am going to try these homemade marshmallows.  Here is the link right to the marshmallow recipe.  I’ll update you on how this turns out.  If you decide to try this as well, I would love to hear how it turns out for you.

Images from and respectively.

Mmmm….Hot Cocoa

This is some super cute hot cocoa I bought for the kids. It is Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness

This morning I have been mulling over all of the delicious and beautiful things about fall.  There are the obvious things like the newly colored leaves on the trees, the excitement of Halloween, and the yumminess of Thanksgiving.  Then there are the things that we love but don’t think so much about.  Look below for a list of a few of my favorite things falling into that category.  I would love to hear from you about some of your favorite things in that category too.  Please and Thank you!  I have specifically been thinking about hot cocoa/chocolate this morning.  I think I am going to do a  preference poll on hot cocoa versus hot chocolate.  I understand after a little research that there really is a difference between them.  The end result of all of these thoughts has been my finding some great sites with fun things to do, eat, and drink for fall.  I will post links below.  I hope that you find something here that will add some happiness and beauty to your life.

Some of my favorite and less obvious things about fall:

Snuggling under the covers with my preciously wonderful husband because it is cold outside of the covers.

The tingle and pinkness you get on your cheeks when the crisp cold air blows across them.  Especially on little people.

The crunchy sound you hear when you walk across leaves on the ground.

The warmth of the heated seat in my SUV while I’m driving home from work.

Soup.  I love soup and feel that the cooler months of fall and winter are the perfect time for some soup.

*FYI: I often refer to children as little people.

Links to great sites with fun and yummy things:

Fun Activities for Fall

Hot Cocoa Recipe

Fun Hot Cocoa Recipe

Creamy Hot Chocolate

Minty Hot Chocolate

50 Soup Recipes

The recipes are from Taste of Home and Food Network if anyone is curious.  I would love to get comments with links to any fall fun and deliciousness that you have found.  The tree tops art is from

Work in progress…

As an effect of my working full-time, it appears I may be slow with progression here.  I am confident that as I become more familiar with this new adventure, this site is going to become a beautiful thing.

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